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Sensei John Carlow, 3rd Dan

Sankukai Karate Maidstone Dojo 2023

Sensei John Carlow is a 3rd Dan in Sankukai Karate, he is an independent instructor registered with the English Karate Organisation, and the founder of Sankukai Karate Maidstone. John has been training in Karate for about twenty years and has practiced a number of styles starting with Tang Sou Dao (A korean variant of karate), Shukokai and finally, Sankukai.

John was predominantly taught by Sensei Rob Landau, 6th Dan.

Sensei John received his black belt in 2015 from Shihan Barry Stranack, of the International Sankukai Ryu Karate Do Federation (ISKF), in Durban, South Africa.

Sensei John suffers from Crohn's disease, and has ADHD, he strongly believes that Karate is the best medicine for both body and mind. 

Sensei John loves to teach kata, and enjoys kihon and form work.

As a disabled instructor John is particularly adamant that being unable to participate in sparring through disability, or simply not wishing to, should not disqualify students from learning and enjoying everything else that karate has to offer.

Sensei John is assisted by his partner Michaela Gregorova, 6th Kyu.



Sensei Rob Landau (Left) and Sensei John Carlow (Right)

ISKF Tonbridge Dojo 2017


Sensei Rob Landau (Left) and Michaela Gregorova (Right)

ISKF Tonbridge Dojo 2016

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